New month, new brand identity

ShuttleOne is updating our brand identity and logo

Today, we are launching a new logo, as we start to refresh our look in general. Here’s why we decided to evolve it

Operating System for The New Finance World

Firstly, we love our old logo. It…

Dear Shuttlenauts and Tezos community,

We are excited to announce that ShuttleOne will be accepting kUSD as the 4th stablecoins in our liquidity pools. Liquidity pools in ShuttleOne are used to service and finance real-world businesses and individuals in their daily lives, creating the most accessible DeFi for anyone.


The biggest Pancakeswap Liquidity Program with more than 400,000 SZO and stablecoins to be won

SZO is listed on Pancakeswap! It is of utmost importance to incentivise liquidity providers who participate in the ShuttleOne network. We are excited to announce that we are launching our monthly reward Pancakeswap liquidity program…

Want to provide liquidity to real-world businesses with your crypto assets?

If you hold the ShuttleOne token ($SZO), you are participate in the liquidity pool that is currently providing financing services for SMEs and businesses across sectors such as manufacturing, constructions, agriculture and fisheries, e-commerce, etc. …

What is a Liquidity pool? How to earn from Liquidity pools?

Liquidity pool is a collection of funds locked in smart contract. Liquidity providers (LP) add their digital tokens in a pool to create a collection of fund that are being use in DeFi protocols such as borrow-lend, synthetic assets, yield farming, blockchain gaming, on-chain insurance, etc.

Liquidity pool play an…

If you hold the ShuttleOne token (SZO), you get access to interest rates that are generated by real world assets collaterals. Businesses who in need of working capital or growth funds collateralize their real-world assets (such as commodities, purchase orders, cargos, etc.) and get a loan from ShuttleOne.

When you provide liquidity into the ShuttleOne.Network, you are rewarded with SZO token as a reward for supporting the protocol.

SZO token is a utility token that regulates incentives and secures the network for token holders and suppliers of liquidity in the mining pool.

Now that you are interested, here…

CEO’s message on our launch on BSC and trading details on Dodo

Dear Shuttlenauts,

As we look back over the past month, it does seem that the wSZO token has going through a rough 1 month. Going up to a high of $1.41 before stabalizing at around $0.35 …

The ShuttleOne team is glad to inform our community that we are re-adding liquidity to DODO Exchange. They will be able to exchange WSZO again starting on the 5th of April 2021.

How To Get WSZO?

Users can get WSZO tokens by going directly to DODO exchange website. They will be asked to connect…

Our IDO, DODO Exploit, and Relaunching of wSZO for trading and liquidity mining.

To our community, We thank you for your continuous support and a lot has been happening in this past month. …

A little gift from ShuttleOne to you. For SZO Farming rewards, Dodo IDO participants.

Dear SZO Holder,

As the founder of a relatively small startup struggling through in 2018. It was a supremely tough journey. For myself, and my team. An experienced VC once told me,

If you choose to…


building digital currency infrastructure

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